How to Maintain Your Trees


When winter comes, many people start worrying about what to do with their trees in the springtime. There are a number of methods of maintaining your tree, but one of the easiest ways is by simply giving it a good clean. It doesn’t take too long or spend too much money to keep your tree clean and in great shape, so here are some tips to keep in mind.

summer tree care

New and/or young trees need to be regularly watered each day for the first several weeks after a snowfall. Mulch also does wonders for the look of your front yard but it doesn’t do much more than beautify the home. Layering just a little bit of mulch on top of your trees and around them is a great summer tree care tip. Even just laying a handful of mulch under your tree canopy can make a big difference in the way that it looks.

Trees don’t get as dirty as they used to and they can grow back from the top, so they aren’t as fragile as they were before. Some people still have to prune their trees because they haven’t been trimmed for many years. But this is a simple process and shouldn’t take too long. If you decide to prune your tree, you may want to trim the branches off at the base and then bring them down a little bit so that they aren’t so close to the ground. This makes them less vulnerable to disease and pests.

A good summer tree care tip is to keep your branches short, even if they are over a hundred years old. The lower branches will provide some shade and they will provide food for squirrels and birds that come out at night. Don’t just leave your branches hanging down; keep them trimmed so they don’t wiggle and sway as they fall over. This way you won’t disturb the soil underneath the tree.

The next thing you should consider when you’re looking for summer tree care advice is pruning. Don’t prune the tree every time you trim the branches. Many people wait too long between cutting their tree and they start to become sparse again. Don’t wait until they’re growing very little to prune them. It might look good when you do it, but you won’t want to do it in the winter when your tree is bare and your grass is growing everywhere.

As your tree starts to show signs of growth in the spring and summer, you may want to prune more frequently. As you’ll see your tree begins to look healthier and the leaves begin to spread out, you’ll notice that your tree is becoming busier and more attractive. As the leaves begin to thicken and turn to purple and green in the fall, you’ll begin to notice that your tree is starting to look more like a living thing. Summer tree care can be easy and rewarding when you follow these simple guidelines.