Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Service

tree service frequently asked questionsIt seems that when it comes to tree services, there are more questions than answers. Whether it is tree removal or tree trimming, there are a lot of things to consider and keep in mind. Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding tree service.

What happens if I live on an island or in a mobile home?  With tree removal, you must contact the company right away if you do not have access to telephone lines. If the area has become dangerous or has an elevated risk of wind damage, emergency phone services may not be available, so you must call a tree service to schedule your service. Otherwise, it is possible you will have to wait for their next call. You will be charged extra for such a wait time.  See for more information about tree service and removals.

What happens if the area is remote or hard to reach? If you are in a remote location and cannot get through, the best option is to get the services of a tree service or removal company that is located close by. That way you will not have to wait for an hour or more to contact someone. If you are a mobile homeowner, you can drive to the nearest service provider, unless it is already too late. In those cases, you should consider hiring a professional mobile home service company to remove your tree on your behalf.

Is it possible for me to hire someone else to remove my tree or take care of the job for me? This is a valid question to ask yourself if you are considering mobile home maintenance, especially if you own a mobile home and live on an island or somewhere remote. Sometimes there are times when you must leave work for a few hours and cannot be home at that time, so you will need to find someone to help you.

There are many options, but you must check out the requirements of the mobile home service provider to ensure you will be able to get help. Some companies, especially in remote areas will offer professional, experienced tree service technicians to help you. If not, then you can hire someone to do the job for you, which is fine. You can still check with a directory for a reputable company.

Is tree removal hazardous? Yes, that is true. With tree removal, there can be many hazards involved, such as cuts to your house. It is important to check with the local forestry department to make sure the company you choose is licensed and certified.

Is tree removal really necessary? In some instances, if the area has severe wind damage or other factors, you may not be able to fix the problem yourself. But usually, removing your tree is something that can be done on your own, and if you have more time, you can hire a tree service to have the job done professionally.

Should I be concerned about tree removal? If you have a tree on your property, you may think twice about your decision to remove it. Although you may not think about it, tree removal can cost you in the long run. Plus, a tree that is damaged or killed might damage your home, and other areas, if it continues to grow and can even spread disease.

How long does tree removal take? It depends on the area and the damage, but generally, it takes a day or two to remove your tree. In some instances, it may be two days before your tree has been completely removed, depending on the weather conditions. In most cases, however, the removal is completed in one day or less.

Does the tree have to be cut down? Usually not. However, in some cases, a trimming company may choose to remove your tree and you will need to pay for that service.

How much does the service cost? Depending on the situation, the service could range from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars. depending on the location and the size of the tree. tree.

Stump Grinding FAQ

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is one of the most practical and effective ways to remove the existence of a stubborn stump. It entails using power tools such as a stump grinder to get rid of the sight of the stump completely. The stump grinder works as the rotating teeth of the tool chips the wood away.  A good tree service company will offer stump grinding service.  

What are my stump removal options?

Natural Decomposition: Yes, this is an option, but it will take years before you can see the result. A stump completely rots in an average of ten years, which is why this option is not for you if you want instant results.

Chemical Decomposition: While some chemicals can hasten the decomposition process, it will still take years for it to complete. 

Stump Grinding: If you are looking for the most cost-effective means to eliminate a stump, stump grinding is the way to go. 

Excavation: This process involves the use of an excavator or track hoe to dig the entire stump out. Digging can be really costly due to the use of heavy machinery and labor required. Stump grinding is a better choice if you don’t have a big backyard that will allow the machine to move around.

Burning: While burning stumps is an option, it is not as effective as stump grinding because some stumps don’t burn due to the moisture stuck in their wood. Another problem with burning the stump is that you cannot get enough oxygen to burn it since it’s in the ground. 

How much does stump removal cost?

Stump grinding is less costly than many people expect. Stumps come in different sizes, shapes, and conditions. That is why it is not possible to give an accurate estimate without seeing the stump. When the tree company comes to your property, they will inspect the stump then provide you with a firm written quote. 

Can I plant in the area where the stump was?

Yes, you can. It is essential that you tell the tree company your preferences so they can let you know if it is doable or not. If you want to replant the area, the tree company will grind the stump up to the base of the stump and leave a hole where you can replant a new tree. 

How will the location look once stump grinding is finished?

After stump grinding, expect a mountain of shavings and debris on your property. You can ask the tree service to rake the shavings and haul them away. Stump grinding can produce a lot of dirt, but if you choose the right tree company, they can complete the job without leaving any trace of dirt. 

Where can I use the shavings and debris?

The stump shavings can be utilized as garden mulch or compost. They can also be used to backfill the hole left by the stump along with other dirt and soil. However, keep in mind that shavings will decompose eventually and even more quickly due to their size, which means they are not ideal to use a backfill.

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